Смешанное обучение Руденко-моргун О.И., Архангельская А.Л., Аль-Кайси А.Н.

Russian language is recognized throughout the world as one of the most active, lively languages due to a large number of verbs and a special time and aspect verbs system. Thanks to this course learning that system and the specificity of Russian verbs usage becomes interesting and fun.

In this course you will find online lessons (including tests and work with texts) for the following topics :

1. The infinitive

2. The imperative.

3. The present tense.

4. The past tense.

5. The future tense.

6. The verbs of motion.

In this course you will find all audio materials for the tutorial book "Studying Russian ourselves and at the lesson. Verbs", level A1 (Rudenko-Morgun O.I., Arkhangelskaya A.L., Al-Kaisi A.N., 2018).

В этом курсе вы найдете все аудио материалы для учебного пособия "Учим русский самостоятельно и на уроке. Глаголы" уровня А1 (Руденко-Моргун О.И., Архангельская А.Л., Аль-Кайси А.Н., 2018). 

Introductory phonetic-grammar course

Cours d'introduction phonétique et grammatical